Yusmaliza Yusof, CEO Virtus Mediaset Asia Sdn Bhd & Owner Tropicamp MusicFest.


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Dear participants of the XI International Camping Congress,

Greetings from Tropicamp  MusicFest , Malaysia.

Great lyrics “Heal the world, make it better place…for you and for me and the entire human race” was once sang by beloved Michael Jackson. The first important thing to say is that we have a responsibility to the future generations.  Although this is harder to establish than you might at first expect, it does seem that most of the relevant objections can be answered. Sketching several of these answers and what we can do together with the nature will be the primary goals for the XI International Camping Congress. In supporting this initiative, Malaysia will not be left behind in showing the best eco- adventure learning  for the future generations around the world by producing Tropicamp MusicFest  offering eco-adventure tourism for  future generations to experience the unique way of camping safely from rainforest  trekking,  tours to birdwatching rivers, beautiful beaches, understanding the nature, fabulous food , kaleidoscope of cultural shows  and end it up with  the celebration as in “Reward  For Visiting & Camping” at Tropicamp MusicFest in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Our vision is crystal clear to welcome the whole world especially future generations to learn the values of nature, diversity, life and unity in the safest and fun way via eco – adventure tourism.   Congratulations to all participants for coming and  thank you to organizers for giving opportunity to Malaysia as part of your official partners for this year.

Malaysia truly Asia.

Yusmaliza Yusof, CEO Virtus Mediaset Asia Sdn Bhd & Owner Tropicamp MusicFest.