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Unstoppable Tracy Schmitt

Tracy Schmitt - an amazing person, which her cheerfulness and perseverance inspired many people, shows, that disability can brings unlimited achievements.

Oprah Magazine shared 'Raw Beauty' story Unstoppable Tracy after a photographer saw her rigging her boat.

Tracy was born a 4-way amputee. She became Quest for the Gold World Cup Sailor, climbed Himalayan mountains, captained 110-foot-tallships, won paraskiing bronze.

Beginning with the kindergarten to any Tracy’s challenge a circumstances said "no", despite this, she achieved many successes: received high awards, has become the teacher of humanitarian disciplines, advocate of the interests of people with disabilities, titled female-sailor of international level, international speaker. Tracy can overcame the self-doubt.

She learned early to take part in mainstream life and demonstrate capability far exceeding expectations, from attending her neighborhood school to instilling confidence in others. 

Because she has a disability, she was invited to do recreational adaptive sailing, which transformed into instructing and eventually, running the Independence Afloat Sailing School. Her instructive sailing experience next led to a career teaching primary school children in Mexico, Jamaica, Uganda, and Nepal.

Tracy's philanthropic work is too numerous to list, but to highlight a few: Tracy has been an inclusive Teacher in Uganda, Jamaica, and Mexico and has volunteered for diversity embracing charities in Nepal, UK and North America. Tracy has been an Accessibility Ambassador for Rick Hanson's ‘I Can’ days in schools across Ontario, Canadian Tire’s Jumpstart Mentorship Program, Canadian Paralympic Committee endorser of Changing Minds Changing Lives, and Parasport Ontario’s advocate Ready, Willing and Able and Reach for the Rainbow facilitating inclusive participation in camps all across Ontario.

The professional activity of Tracy is to create programs and develop leadership skills in business leaders and front-line staff.

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