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Children’s Centre “Smena”

Russian Children’s Centre “Smena”


Russian Children’s Centre “Smena”


Duration: 3 days/2 nights

Available dates: October 13-15, 2017



Adress: City-resort Anapa, village Sukko, st. Primorskaya, 7


The Federal State Budget Educational Institution Russian Child Center “Smena” (hereinafter referred to as RCC "Smena") has been operating since June 1, 1985. RCC "Smena" is one of the four major All-Russian children's centers of the country along with “Artek”, “Orlenok” and the “Ocean”.

Being a year-round center, RCC "Smena" can accept up to 2 thousand children from 85 subjects of the Russian Federation and about 20 thousand children per year. The participants of the educational programs are children between the ages of 11 to 17 years, winners and prize-winners of municipal, regional and All-Russian competitions, olympiads, creative competitions and festivals, representatives of military-historical, military-patriotic clubs and associations of schoolchildren, search groups and children's Cossack associations, Leaders of students and self-government.

The main missions of the RCC "Smena": patriotic education, professional orientation, the formation of a healthy lifestyle for children and youth. By implementing more than 50 additional general educational programs, RCC "Smena" has the opportunity to provide conditions for each child development and self-realization. One of such shifts-programms was the civil-patriotic forum "Patriot of Russia", where the best of the best - schoolchildren from the regions of Russia who displayed an active civil position, became participants in the forum on the basis of competitive selection. Participants of the All-Russian Festival of Good and the "Card of Good" also passes competitive selection among the best activists of the volunteer movement, where patriotism relates to the idea of volunteering. Another program - "Children's Film Academy" - is the author's, self-created project of the RCC "Smena", a unique All-Russian vocational orientation educational platform in the field of cinema and animation for children and youth.

Located in the recreational and cultural and historical center of the Black Sea area, RCC "Smena" has the capacity to organize for its guests unique one-day excursions: to the hero city of Novorossiysk, to the places of military glory, to the historical and archeological monuments of the ancient civilizations - Scythian-Sarmatian, Greek, to the ethnographic complex - the Cossack village "Ataman" and others.



Program of visiting





13 October 2017 (Friday)




Greeting the guests.

Check-in, placement.




Walk along the coastline



Business Club "Open Space"

(Professional platform for the exchange of knowledge, experience and achievements in the field of children's recreation and rehabilitation)


Film session: "Astronomy-10 Steps through the Sky"

(Spherical Cinema)

14 October 2017 (Saturday)





Inspection of the territory of the FSBEI «Russian Child Center “Smena” », a visit to the Alley of Glory


Visit to the All-Russian training center for professional skills and popularizing the blue-collar professions "Park of the Future", including the Training Center "Young Professionals", computer testing, visiting campus of the «National Team», which is participating in the WorldSkills training championship.


Presentation of End-to-End Educational Modules:

- "Sambo to school"

- "Volunteering"

- "School of speakers"

- "The Young Rescuer"






Excursion to Cossack village "Ataman"

(Ethnographic tour of Ataman: visiting the hut Ataman, Cossack, priest, blacksmith, etc. Visit to the Cossack tavern with the opportunity to taste real Cossack dishes: borsch, vareniki, bacon and gorilka Participation in the reconstruction of Cossack rites) Visiting the village of Gorny, Desert Feodosia of the Caucasus, the holy spring "Holy Hand", chapels and fonts in the village Neberjay. Tasting of mountain honey.




Participation in the celebration of the Protection of the Holy Virgin

Traditions, rituals, history


Meeting of the Collegium of Foreign Participants of the XI International Congress of Camps

"Rest of Children and their Recovery: Vectors of Development"


Evening program

15 October 2017 (Sunday)




Non-stop display of program videos (demonstration of video clips of additional education programs of the RCC "Smena")


Foresight show-training "The Ideal System of Children's Rest in the World"

Modeling of the ideal image of the participant, customer, partner, infrastructure, management.


Group photography session


Coffee break


Participation in the solemn closing ceremony of the All-Russian level of the All-Russian military sports game "Cossack Spoelock" and the All-Russian Spartakiada of the pre-conscription Cossack youth.





Excursion: "Abrau-Dyurso - Homeland of the "Soviet" Champagne"

Visit to the park and the Abrau-Durso lake, the sparkling wine factory "Abrau-Durso".

Excursion: "Hero City of Novorossiysk"

Visit to the military cruiser-museum "Mikhail Kutuzov", the memorial "Small Earth", a monument to the deceased sailors of the Black Sea.


Gala dinner


Departure of participants



Excursion program:

  • Excursion to Cossack village "Ataman" (ethnographic tour of Ataman: visiting Ataman's cottage, Cossack, priest, blacksmith, etc.).
  • Visit to the Cossack tavern with the opportunity to taste real Cossack dishes: borsch, vareniki, bacon and gorilka.
  • Participation in the reconstruction of Cossack rites.
  • Excursion "Abrau-Dyurso - the birthplace of the" Soviet "champagne" (visit to the park and the Abrau-Durso lake, sparkling wine factory "Abrau-Durso").
  • Excursion "Hero City of Novorossiysk" (visit to the military cruiser museum "Mikhail Kutuzov", the memorial "Small Land", a monument to the deceased sailors of the Black Sea).


Single room

25 500 rub/1 person


The package includes: a transfer (bus Krasnodar - vil. Anapa - Krasnodar), meals, accommodation in a comfortable hotel room "Residence Utrish", sightseeing program, interpreter services, souvenir products.


Booking will be available from 1st of September.

To reserve the tour please write to