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Information about Speakers

Michael Brandwine, USA

B.A. University of Illinois in Communication; JD Juris Doctor University of Chicago Law School

Michael Brandwein: Educator, Author, Speaker, Trainer


Our speaker, Michael Brandwein, is an international expert on youth development programs, camp and education. He has made presentations in every one of the 50 states in the United States and on 6 of the 7 continents of the world. He has been the keynote speaker at many national and international conferences. Michael also does staff and leadership training for individual camps and organizations.

Michael is the number one bestselling author in the camp field, with five best-selling books on training and leading staff. He wrote and presented three television programs on communicating with youth. These programs have won the highest honor in American television, the Emmy®. Michael has served on the American Camp Association’s national board of directors and is a proud member of the ICF.

Michael has been working with young people his whole life, including as a camp staff member and camp administrator. He creates and teaches skills we can use right away that will help young people grow and become great people.

Michael lives in the United States in Chicago with his wife Donna, who is a professional sign language interpreter for the Deaf. They have two sons. Dave is a professional musician and music teacher. Their son Ben works at a school with young children who have physical and mental disabilities.

In addition to this keynote address, Michael will be presenting two breakout sessions at our Congress. We are delighted to have Michael with us to show us exciting ways to bring out the best in our young people. Please welcome Michael Brandwein.



Cathy Chichester, USA


National CATCH (Coordinated Approach to Child Health) Coordinator at FlagHouse, Inc.


With over 25 years of continuous research and development, CATCH is a child health promotion program with the most scientific evidence of effectiveness proven to prevent and reduce childhood obesity. CATCH helps sustain healthy learning environments designed to promote physical activity and healthy food choices for youth Pre K-Grade 8, in Early Childhood, After-School, and Summer programs. Funded my many government, university and private foundations in the USA and abroad, CATCH is distributed by FlagHouse Inc, a premier global source of program resources serving physical education, recreation, and special needs therapies.




Tom Rosenberg, USA


President/CEO American Camp Association


I was originally invited to do one session in Sochi: «Articulating the Value of Your Camp Programs» (Category:  Marketing), Session Description: «In many countries, camp experiences are ubiquitous but are expensive and financial assistance is often insufficient. Camps must learn to develop a laser-focused brand that differentiates them from their competition and clearly communicates what makes their program innovative, extraordinary and credible. In this session, we will highlight the components of successful marketing strategies including: competitive advantages, customer service and responsiveness, pricing, quality, credibility and why it is wise to invest investigate your customers’ perspectives on value».

Tom Rosenberg is the President and CEO of the American Camp Association (ACA). Tom has a distinguished career in the camp profession and a long resume of service to the ACA.  He has nearly 30 years’ experience directing accredited summer camps in both the non-profit and for-profit sectors. Tom melds his experience in the camp profession with business expertise, inspirational vision, successful fundraising experience, professional agility, organizational skills and strategic focus.  Tom, his wife, Pam Sugarman, and their son, Daniel, live in Atlanta, Georgia.



Steve Baskin, USA

BA, Davidson College, MBA, Harvard Business School

Executive Director, Camp Champions. Partner, Everwood Day Camp.  Partner, Camp Pinnacle.  Strategic Partner, IDEAS Camps (China)


I have committed my professional life to educating parents and groups about the importance of the camp experience as essential youth development and education experiences.  These efforts include a TED talk, serving on the national board of the ACA and encouraging research into the outcomes of camp. 



Susan Baskin, USA

BA, University of Michigan, MBA, Northwestern University

Executive Director, Camp Champions


I have seen the impact that camp has on the development of children, including my own four.  While I did not attend camp as a child, I have become an ardent advocate for its impact.  I also serve on a committee for the State of Texas to assess out-of-school educational opportunities. 



Mark Collard, Australia

Bachelor of Business (Accounting) & Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

Playmeo, I am the Founder & Director


I am an experiential trainer, best-selling author and keynote speaker. As the founder and director of Playmeo, I help experiential educators and camp leaders create remarkably fun programs that make a difference. We offer innovative training workshops, professional coaching and the largest online database of group games & activities in the world.



Ismet Barutcugil, Turkey

Professor of Management (PhD)

Managing Director, RCBA Consulting and Training Ltd. Istanbul / Turkey




Leadership skills are gained and developed by experience. But these experiences may take long time and cost a lot. The process of learning by experience can be fostered and enhanced through effective coaching. Especially young camp leaders and coaches deliberately need timely and supportive feedback from experienced leaders / coaches.

This interactive session of presentation is about the qualities of effective coaches and the stages of coaching. It also addresses the tools and techniques of coaching; such as building rapport, listening, asking questions, providing feedback, confronting challenges and managing conflicts.



Laurie Browne, USA

PhD, Parks, Recreation, and Tourism

Director of Research, American Camp Association


The goal of ACA research is to expand the value and visibility of camp experiences for youth through industry research and local camp evaluation. I will be presenting two sessions: ACA's new 5-Year Impact Study, a research study that explores the transfer of learning from camp to school, college, career, and beyond; and Measuring Outcomes 101, which looks at simple steps camp professionals can take to explore and document what their campers are gaining from their camp experiences.



Daniel Kasnick, Peru

Masters of Educational Policy, Organization and Leadership for the University of Illinois

Executive Director of Camp D&D Peru


At the congress I am focusing on social inclusion in camps. Specifically within the topic of social inclusion, I will speak to the inclusion of different socio-economic levels through authentic and humanizing experiences to break down the «us and them» mindset.



Pablo Casas Alatriste Parlange, Mexico

Degree in Industrial Engineering

Camp Director & Owner – Kin Camp  México

President – Mexican Camping Association


Kin Camp is one of the biggest camps in México. We were one of the first camps to offer a variety of camp sites that we rent (we don't own any camp sites). So we are a Taylor-made camp that adapts to our client's needs. We work mainly with mexican private schools year round.

My talk at the congress is all about numbers and administration. How to find those important numbers (costs) and what to do with them.


Marianne Bird, USA

M.S. Community Development; B.S. Human Development

4-H Youth Development Advisor University of California Cooperative Extension


Marianne Bird has published articles and presented workshops on enhancing positive youth development in camp settings. As co-chair of the California 4-H Camping Advisory Committee, she lead three statewide camp studies; planned educational conferences for staff, volunteers and youth; and produced the book Counselor-in-Training Encouraging youth development outcomes at camp.  She conducts environmental education experiences for urban youth and has utilized the talents of teenagers in camp program delivery throughout her career. Marianne has a Master of Science in community development from UC Davis and still believes working at camp is the best job around.



Jess Karlsson, Australia

Bachelor Exercise Physilogy

Diploma of Sport Development

Diploma of Business

Diploma of Financial Management

Diploma of Governance (Community)

Chief Executive Officer

Cahoots Org (previously Kids’ Camps Inc.)


Board Director

Rotary of Perth 


Cahoots Org (previously Kids’ Camps Inc.) is a provider of camping and recreation experiences for children and young people. Cahoots has been operating in Western Australia for over 35 years and are experts in inclusion for people with disability.

Jess Karlsson, CEO Cahoots has worked in executive management in sport and recreation organizations across Australia, and has a successful track record of leading change through strategic community engagement, unique partnerships and her adaptive leadership. Jess will share her experience and knowledge how to create inclusive communities and grow organizations through camping for people with disability.



James Cain, USA

Ph.D. I have a doctorate degree from the University of Rochester, NY

Teambuilding guru Dr. Jim Cain is the author of 16 books filled with team and community building activities from around the world

Teamwork & Teamplay


A pre-conference workshop on Monday, entitled The Best Teambuilding Activities from Around the World, featuring activities from my 16 language book, the Teamwork & Teamplay International Edition

A conference workshops entitled Building Unity, Community & Connection from the content of my latest book.  Activities that build unity with campers and staff.

A conference workshop entitled The Top Ten Teambuilding Activities, featuring my favorite, newest and best team building activities.  Activities for campers, staff and adults.



Strickland David, Australia

Manager, Camps and Outdoor Programs, Department of Health and Human Services (Victoria, Australia)


This session will fit into the Emerging Issues, Tools, and Technology conference thread. Specifically, it will have a public health policy focus and call upon conference participants to review their camping programs and marketing to get the attention of government.

David Strickland will present on the issue of physical activity and associated physical literacy and the important role camping programs can play in addressing this growing government concern.  

There are five public health problems facing governments (globally): Physical inactivity, obesity, mental health, heath inequalities and climate change. Physical inactivity and sedentary behaviours are on the rise with physical inactivity now identified as a leading risk factor for global mortality. Governments seek partners with solutions to these problems. What does this mean for the future of camping program design, development and delivery? What opportunities exist for camping to partner with government to get people active outdoors?



Michael Jacobus, USA

Reputation Management & Repair


In all things, it's harder to build than to destroy. Building a good reputation requires effort, patience, and time. Destroying a good reputation only requires a single moment's misstep. The secret to building a good reputation? Become a person who deserves one.

This session will discuss current perceptions, how a reputation is established and build. It will also cover ways to deal with a damaged reputation and methods to repair it.

Michael Jacobus is an internationally recognized child-development professional and staff trainer.  He has an extensive background in youth-serving nonprofits, staff training, operations, administration and outdoor education. Michael has worked with private, public and non-profit groups including; the American Camp Association (ACA), Disney, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), National Geographic, the Red Cross, Global Camps Africa, the Muscular Dystrophy Association, the National Science Teachers Association and is a frequent presenter at camp conferences and retreats. Michael is currently serving at the Director of Camp Operations for the USA Girl Scouts of California’s Central Coast



Gabrielle Raill, Canada

Director of Camp Ouareau

Jacqui Raill, Canada

Executive Director of Camp Ouareau

Bachelors in Human Relations & Certificate in Outdoor Recreation


Camp Ouareau's goal is to create a positive girl culture so that campers not only feel like they can be themselves, but also thrive as themselves. We help campers feel comfortable, make new friends, try new activities, and safely grow beyond their personal limits. Ouareau’s language program is uniquely suited to our powerful girl community, encouraging campers to build language skills as part of their everyday life.


Michael Lewis, USA/China

The Camp Greenwoods Story: Making it work in China

Presented by: Mike Lewis Founder/ Executive Director

MBA From UIBE (University of International Business and Economics) in Chinа


Though this presentation we will cover the story of how Camp Greenwoods was founded, and how we have created a successful Traditional American camp program in China. We will follow our transition from sending campers overseas, to running our own program. We will discuss some of the challenges we face, from partners, parents, and more. Join us as we talk about finding the resolve to be flexible as well as some solutions.



Lara Ravich, USA

MA, Teaching Foreign Languages

Dean, Russian Village

Concordia Language Villages, Senior Instructor University of Oregon


Concordia Language Villages has been providing immersive language and cultural education in a camp setting for over 50 years. This presentation describes an administrative exchange between a Russian and an American camp and suggests possibilities for future collaborations.



Unstoppable Tracy Schmitt,Canada


Bachelor of Recreation and Leisure Studies, Bachelor of Education, Masters in Business Administration

Chief Amazement Officer – Founder

Unstoppable Tracy


Unstoppable Tracy, an award-winning Humanitarian, Advocate, Decorated Athlete, and International Speaker who inspires others to believe anything is possible. She is dedicated to developing a generation that champions accessibility, diversity and inclusion by exciting all ages as key influencers to include everyone. She has climbed mountains in Nepal, captained 110-foot-tall ships in the Eastern Atlantic, and won a bronze medal in alpine-skiing. As you can see Tracy, author of ‘Unstoppable YOU; Exceed Uncertainty, Embrace Possibilities, Earn Independence’, is UNSTOPPABLE and not just because she was cameoed in the movie Robo Cop and Oprah’s Magazine.



Simon Zambrano,Venezuela

Master in Organizational Leadership (Monash University-Australia) / Medical Dr. (Universidad Central de Venezuela)

General Director – Iguanas Outdoor Education


Iguanas Outdoor Education works with different groups around the world. It runs, year round, camps and outdoor programs in Venezuela, Mexico and China in partnership with other organizations. The company has a focus on the development of the participant and their engagement within their own community as well as helping other initiatives bring about change. Since 2006, it has also provided training to other camps, outdoor education organizations, schools and universities, creating a strong net of associates in Australia, Venezuela, México, Uruguay, China and the United States.


Juan Gutierrez, Colombia

Profesional in Organizational Communications and Industrial Ingeneer of Universidad de los Andes in Colombia.

Entrepreneur and founder of Kajuyalí Group in Colombia.

ICDC Trainer

General Director of Kajuyalí in Colombia.


During the past 25 years I have been working in Colombia where leadership showed to become the most important axe of change. We managed it through Camping in a Country eager for peace coming from young decision takers (counselors) that need to be aligned to an authority.

The workshop wants to share with the audience this spiritual way of understanding the teamwork based in 6 magnificent teamwork laws.

Same that inspired a 25 years of story of Leadership among staff.

The outcome of this session is to understand the importance of an Authority Line in your CAMP and the way to model the way to it's future.



Luis Rivero,Venezuela

Psychologist, Universidad Católica Andrés Bello

Staff and Program Director, Campamento La Llanada


In the old debate whether competition is good or bad for our children, what truly tips the balance in favor is how we present it and build upon it in our camp programs. Properly incorporated, competition is a great tool for promoting growth, values and life long skills.



Cheuk Kee Benjamin Huen, Hong Kong, China

Project Manager (Hong Kong Playground Association)


TOPIC: An effectiveness research of an innovative sports camp programme,

 «Jockey Club Innovative and Adventurous «Sports for Islands «Programme»

Theory and assessment tools applied on project assessment:

Base on the Self Determination Theory, a combination of the above mentioned assessment tools will be adopted to measure the effectiveness of the project programs.



Maslov Andrey Anatolievich, Russia

Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Associate Professor

General Director «All-the-year-round children's health-improving camp of sanatorium type «Marine brotherhood » LLC


Head of the Intercollegiate School of Counselor’s skill, honorary worker in the sphere of youth policy of the Russian Federation, director of the All-year-round children's health camp of the sanatorium-type «Maritime Brotherhood» (Krasnodar Territory, Tuapse district, Olginka village, Chernomorskaya str., 2a), which is a universal platform for the incarnation in the life of creative programs for rest and improving children, as well as programs to develop the creative abilities of children. I am engaged professionally in children's pedagogy, I have been working in the sphere of children's recreation and health improvement for 20 years.



Krivoshchekova Nadezhda Mikhailovna, Russia

Director of the State Autonomous Institution of the Kurgan Region «Promotion of children's recreation»


State Autonomous Institution «Promotion of children's recreation», is the subordinate institution of the Department of Education and Science of the Kurgan region, provides services for organizing recreation and health improvement for children living in the Kurgan region in summer recreation camps and year-round sanatoriums.

State Autonomous Institution «Promotion of children's recreation» organizes the rehabilitation of children who are registered in dispensaries, in the sanatorium health camps all year round and children in difficult life situations, in the sanatoriums all year round health camps and out-of-town health camps; conducts activities aimed at ensuring the organization of high-quality recreation and health development of children, organizes specialized shifts for children with disabilities of the social project «Me and my friend«, provides the school for training counselors «School & Academy of Leaders«.



Sukhovyenko Galina Stanislavovna, Russia

Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences

Executive Director Interregional Public Organization «Promotion of children's recreatio«


Interregional Public Organization «Promoting children's recreation» combines various types and forms of ownership, creates conditions for professional communication, familiarization with effective practices, techniques and technologies; takes part in the work on improving the regulatory framework in the field of children's recreation, participating in the activities of federal and regional authorities, on the qualifications of camp leaders, the training of leaders. Annually holds All-Russia Meetings of the organizers of recreation, health improvement of children and youth at the end of the summer health campaign. In September 2017, the XVI Meeting of the organizers of children's recreation took place.

Interregional Public Organization«Promoting children's recreation» is a member of the International Commonwealth Camps (ICF). Representatives of organizations participating in international forums represented the experience of children's recreation and health improvement in the Russian Federation and adopted the interesting experience of their foreign colleagues.



Nikolaeva Julia Ilgizovna, Russia

Curator of the programs «Carolina», «Motor» of the Children's Camp «Robin Hood»

Kononets Svetlana, Russia

The head of creative programs of the Children's Camp «Robin Hood»


«Camp Industry» Ltd. is one of the leading Russian tour operators, the leader in the development of original recreation programs for vacations for children and teenagers.

We offer our children an interesting, informative, high-tech holiday full of bright impressions in children's camps in Russia and abroad.

Since 2006, the company has developed and implemented six author's projects:

Children's camp with the adventures of «Robin Hood», which became one of the most interesting and popular children's camps near Moscow.

Creative children's camp for girls «Carolina» – the first profile camp for small ladies.

Children's camp «Motor» – camp for children interested in cars, motorcycles and aircraft.

Children's camp «Ethnomir» – study of cultures of different peoples of the world.

Marine expeditionary camp Atlantis is a camp in which children learn secrets and riddles of the world ocean.

CAMP magazine is the first Russian magazine for parents about children's leisure and tourism.



Mankov Sergey Petrovich, Russia

CEO of the Municipal State Educational Institution of Additional Education of the City of Novosibirsk

City Health-Educational Center  «Timurovets»

Mamedova Ekaterina Farhadovna, Russia

Head of the educational-methodical center of the Municipal State Educational Institution of Additional Education of the City Novosibirsk

City health-educational center  «Timurovets»

Antipina Nadezhda Matveevna, Russia

Head of psychological service of the Municipal State Educational Institution of Additional Education of the City Novosibirsk

City health-educational center  «Timurovets»



City Health-Educational Center  «Timurovets» is a center with a modern logistics base ensuring effective implementation of pedagogical and medical programs conditioned by the state priorities in the field of education, health and youth policy, interests of program participants, trends in the professional development of educators and medical workers.

The mission of the Center is the organization of meaningful rest and improvement of children within the framework of the comprehensive program  «Pedagogy of Health and a Healthy Lifestyle», the promotion of an active life position, the upbringing and development of the child's personality.

City Health-Educational Center  «Timurovets» includes the Children's sanatorium health camp of the year-round action  «Timurovets»; Children's health camp  «Pioneer»; Hotel «Sever»; Recreation center  «Turgrad» (author's project  «Expedition»); Educational-methodical center.



Kurohtin Stanislav Viktorovich, Russia

Educator-organizer of the Educational Programs Department of the All-Russian Children's Center  «Orlyonok».


International working with youth coach, curator of the All-Russian project  «Professional Starts», the best Russian leader in 2009.


I attend events, develop game programs, teach people attention, ingenuity, the ability to think creatively and independently.

At the XI th International Congress of Camps, I act as an expert of the «National Association of Children's Camps», I teach  «Stereotypes of children in relation to the learning process: how to change them in a children's camp».



Vladimirova Tatyana Nikolaevna, Russia

Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, candidate of philological sciences, member of the Union of Journalists of Russia

Director of the Institute of Journalism, Communications and Media Education, pro-rector of the Moscow Pedagogical State University, curator of the project  «All-Russia school counselors»


The project  «All-Russian Leaders' School» is a complex of events that ensure the training of professional counselors, creating conditions for the effective work of a counselor: in the summer recreation camp, on a profile shift, at the school headed by the primary branch of the Russian schoolchildren's movement.

The project is being implemented by the Moscow Pedagogical State University with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and is intended to become a platform for the unification of all those interested in a quality and safe children's holiday and the full education of Russian children.

Within the framework of the project, the educational module «Foundations of Сounselor activities» has been developed, integrated into the programs of all pedagogical universities of the country, a number of distance courses and refresher courses for school counselors, administration of children's camps and teachers supervising the training of leaders in the university are being organized, to identify and broadcast best practices.


Baikalov Andriyan Valentinovich, Russia

General Director of the Limited Liability Company «Children's Health Camp «Blue Bird», camp-coach.


The author and creator of the Commonwealth Camps «Blue Bird», which includes:

«Broadway camp» – theater and dance camp;

«IQTERRA»– the camp of intellectual games;

«Krilya» – youth career guidance camp;

«Sinaya Ptiza» is an adventure camp.

Business trainer since 2005, the coaching portfolio of which includes: sales, personnel, negotiations, process optimization, all aspects of pedagogical management and marketing.


Baikalova Anna Yurievna, Russia

Director of the Resource Center for Pedagogical Management and Marketing «B2CAMP»


Since 1994, I work in children's camps, this is more than 300 camp shifts, of which 275 shifts as a leader. Since 2008, an Internet marketer, a specialist in CRM systems. Author's patent (Rospatent RF) CRM systems for children's camps  «B2CAMP». She is the author of a series of table games for the training of military commanders to work in the  «Test drive for counselors», since 2015 the resident of the Academgorodok’s Technopark, trekker and camp couch.


Ryzhenkova Elena Valeryevna, Russia

Director-General of the online catalog of children's camps  «» – the largest in Russia online catalog of children's camps with a free booking service.

For 6 years we have been helping parents to find and book the best offers of children's recreation around the world.

The website presents more than 1000 recreation programs in 50 regions of the Russian Federation and 53 countries, more than 4,000 honest responses about the camps (published both positive feedback and constructive criticism), 26 types of camps, including inclusive and family camps.

More than 50,000 parents have already booked tours with the help of the service.


Petrova Svetlana Gennadievna, Russia

Director of the children's health camp  «Pioneer» (St. Petersburg), teacher of history and social studies of the State Pedagogical University  «Pedagogical College No. 4 of St. Petersburg»


The purpose of participation in the Congress is the exchange of positive practices in the sphere of organization of children's recreation and health improvement, we are working on the formation of a new image of the Pioneer camp. Working slogan: «Maintaining traditions – forward, into the future!» Our credo is «Sport! Creation! Intelligence!» Purpose: Self-perfection. We present the program projects: bilingual  «Buenos dias!» (Spanish-English); «Author's camp» CONSTRUCTOR  «(where the designer acts as a method of creativity, not only technical, but also artistic and personal development.) The theme of my speech is:» The DESIGNER camp – space for modeling: unity of decisions, incarnations».



Zanin Dmitry Sergeevich, Russia

Managing Partner of the Zanin & So Development Center

Senior lecturer in the department of psychology and pedagogy of the Belarusian State Pedagogical University, consultant of the scientific and design laboratory (STEM-center) Intel for schoolchildren under the auspices of the All-Russian Science Festival.


Psychologist, business coach, consultant in economics and management, NLP-trainer, expert in the field of human behavior analysis DISC.



Formalnova Ekaterina Vladimirovna, Russia

Head of the All-Russian Educational Project  «Territory SUCCESS», General Director of LLC  «Unistyle»


Federal trainer and head of the All-Russian and international forums and schools of personal growth and development of student self-government  «Territiria USPEHA», «Mashuk», «Lider 21 veka», «Progress», «Seliger», «Baltic Artek», «Rostok», «Lider», «Patriot» and many others. Laureate for the President of the Russian Federation in the field of talented youth support Award. Member of the Council for the formation of the reserve management personnel in Russia. The author and the head of more than 200 projects for young people from local to international level. Over 500 trainings in the Kaliningrad region and more than 30 in the subjects of the Russian Federation.


Shulgina Tatyana Alekseevna, Russia

Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Associate Professor

Vice-rector for educational work, social development and public relations of the GOU VPO KGMU of the Ministry of Health of Russia (Kursk State Medical University)


Areas of scientific interests: psychosocial technologies work with family, children, other categories of clients who find themselves in difficult life situations; educational work with students, socio-psychological patterns of development of organizations, the image of the organization as a technology of social management. Works in the field of individual and group psychological counseling. Has more than 100 publications.



Frishman Irina Igorevna, Russia

Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor

Director of the Scientific and Practical Center of the International Union of Children's Public Associations.


Deputy Chairman of the Council for the Defense of Doctoral and Candidate theses of the Kostroma State University named after NA Nekrasov, Professor of the Department of Social Pedagogy of the Moscow Humanitarian and Pedagogical Institute. Deputy Director of the Institute of Psychological and Pedagogical Problems of Childhood RAO. The author-developer of the programs SPO-FDO  «The game is a serious matter»,  «Dostijeni-YA»,  «Imey Pravo»,  «Rost»,  «Mir Bez Opasnosti. «The author of the programs of the annual specialized and thematic shifts of SPO-FDO in the All-Russian Children's Center  «Orlyonok». Laureate of the Government of the Russian Federation in education in 2006, laureate of the National Prize in volunteerism in 2006, was awarded in 2007 by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation with the medal of N.D.Ushinsky  «For merits in the field of education».


Kudashov Grigory Nikolaevich, Russia

Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences

Associate Professor of the Department of General and Social Pedagogy of the Tyumen State University, head of the Iskra Center for Social Creativity and Tourism, the coach of the New Social and Pedagogical Technologies (NSPT)


Head of the Autonomous Non-Governmental Organization  «Center for Social Creativity and Tourism» Iskra», coach of the author's agency  «New Social and Pedagogical Technologies» ( «NSPT»).

Member of the Public Council at the Department of Social Development of the Tyumen region, author of the method of game design, the author of a complex of social technologies, 25 years of work in the field of leisure and social creativity of children, youth and family.


Zinkevich Igor Petrovich, Russia

Head of Training Department of Pedagogical Staff of The State Autonomous Cultural Institution of Moscow  «Moscow Agency for Recreation and Tourism»



Head of the Central School of Moscow Leaders, an active participant in the professional community of children's recreation organizers.

He was awarded the medal «For merits in education» in accordance with the decision of the Interindustry Joint Committee for the Awards of St. Petersburg.

Prizewinner of the competitions «Best Summer Leader – 2005, 2008», Prize-winner of the contest «Best Senior Leader of 2007», All-Russian Children's Center «Okean». Winner of the contest «Manager of 2017» in the nomination «Team of the Year». Co-author of the book «Hand book of the leader».


Sotnikov Vladislav Andreevich, Russia

Candidate of Psychological Sciences

Director of rehabilitation programs of the charitable fund for the rehabilitation of children who have had cancer, «Sheredar», clinical psychologist


«Sheredar» is the only non-profit organization in Russia that, on the basis of its own rehabilitation center for children and adolescents 7-17 years old, who have undergone oncological diseases, as well as for their healthy brothers and sisters. The task of the programs is to return in a short time to the child self-reliance and confidence in the world, to show that he can do much more than he used to think during the illness. To do this, «Sheredar» uses in its work methods that have proved effective in rehabilitation camps around the world.


Tatiana Utkina, Russia

Director of the International Children's Center  «COMPUTERS»


For more than fifteen years within the framework of the organization of useful children's recreation, the International Children's Center  «COMPUTERiA» has been implementing for children and teenagers  «International and All-Russian Educational Projects».

Choosing a vacation in  «COMPUTERiA», parents prefer the successful socialization of the child, the formation of a life attitude, the achievement of financial literacy, the development of thinking and creativity. The duration of the shift is 2 or 3 weeks, special shifts, such as the festival  «Russian language and modern communications»,  «IT Festival»,  «SmartRoboFest» last 1 week.

Participation in the programs of recreation are not only for children from Russia, but also for children from all over the world. The staff of the Center are students of leading Russian and foreign universities. Among the partners and regular participants of the master classes  «COMPUTERiA» a number of progressive foreign companies, such as Microsoft, Google, HPE, Cisco, etc.           


Goryainova Marina Sergeevna, Russia

Director General of the Orel Healthcare Children's Sanatorium «Orlovchanka»


Children's sanatorium «Orlovchanka» is the only institution in the Orel region, specializing in providing sanatorium and spa services for children and adolescents.

The sanatorium has been developing its history since 1964 as a wellness organization for employees of construction companies and their families.

Since 1995, the institution was transferred to the ownership of the Orel region and reoriented to provide services for children and adolescents.

Organization of children's recreation in the conditions of a sanatorium has many features, especially if the sanatorium is located outside the resort zone. That’s why the most important task in the work is to develop a methodology for organizing children's recreation, taking into account the specifics of the conditions of a suburban sanatorium-and-spa institution.


Lochan Sergey Alexandrovich, Russia

PhD in Economic Sciences

Director of FGBOU DO «Federal Center for Children and Youth Tourism and Local History»


The Federal Center for Children, Youth and Local Studies of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation was established in 1918 as the Central Bureau of School Excursions.

The main goal of the Center is the popularization of active forms of tourism among schoolchildren. The center is the head organization, uniting 185 similar institutions in the regions of Russia.

Annually more than 600 thousand schoolchildren take part in tourist trips and expeditions. About 1 million schoolchildren participate in local history events. About 300 thousand schoolchildren are trained on additional educational programs of the tourist and local lore profile.

The Center conducts significant methodological work, conducts all-Russian events: competitions, tourist gatherings and festivals.


Davaev Sanal Alekseevich, Russia

PhD Candidate in Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor

The head of the Central Staff of the  «Russian student detachments»


Head of the regional headquarters of the Russian Students' Squad.

As the chairman of the jury have taken part in the competitions  «The Best Leader» of the Perm Krai and the Udmurt Republic.

He went from the leader to the camp director, worked in All-Russian children's centers  «Eaglet» and «Smena».



Kaigorodov Vyacheslav Valerievich, Russia

President of the non-profit partner Center for Social Initiatives  «Altai-PARUS», head of the «Parus» platform (for youth with disabilities) of International Youth Management Forum of the Altai Republic «Points of Growth», member of the Public Council on Youth Policy under the Governor of the Altai Territory


Member of the public councils of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Altai Territory and the Ministry of Education and Social Protection of the Altai Territory.

Since 2011 – within the framework of the International Youth Management Forum  «Altai. Points of Growth» is the head of the site for youth with disabilities -  «PARUS».

Since 2013, he is the president of the non-commercial partner  «Center for Social Initiatives «Altai-PARUS» ».

The focus of  «Altai-PARUS» is the problems, interests and needs of youth with disabilities. One of the main objectives of the partnership is the transformation of the dependent moods into socially active, creative activity.

The center forms a positive image of a person with a disability in the public consciousness. The motto of the organization: «Everyone can share good!» and  «Health is limited – the possibilities are limitless!»


Borodina Svetlana, Russia

The project coordinator in the Autonomous Non-Profit Organization  «White cane»


Autonomous non-profit organization  «White cane» was founded in 2010 by active people with vision impairment, who have a wide experience in the open market.

In its activities, the organization is looking for new approaches to the social rehabilitation of people with physical weapons.

The goal of the Autonomous Non-Profit Organization  «White cane» is to increase social and business activity of people, to establish and expand ties with the society, to form economic and everyday independence of persons with arms with physical capabilities.



Kazakova Tatyana Nikolaevna, Russia

Teacher of the highest category of the department of special pedagogy of the Novosibirsk State Technical University Honorary worker of education, excellent student of physical culture


Honored Worker of Education of the Russian Federation, an honors pupil of physical culture and sports of the Russian Federation. Deputy Director of the Scientific and Educational Center for Adaptive Physical Education.

Has more than 30 years of experience with individuals with HIA.

In the course of her professional career, she successfully developed adaptive physical culture and sports in the Novosibirsk region. He is the author of methodical manuals in the field of adaptive physical culture «Theory and methods of adaptive physical culture».



Petunina Evgenia Viktorovna, Russia

Teacher-psychologist of the Kostroma Regional Charity Fund for Children and Adults with developmental peculiarities (mainly with autism) «Open the World», program specialist


Kostroma Regional Charity Fund for Children and Adults with developmental peculiarities (mainly with autism) «Open World» was founded in March 2006.

For more than 10 years, the Foundation has been providing social and psychological assistance in the adaptation of children and adults with developmental features (mainly with autism), promoting their integration into society.

The Foundation provides psychological and pedagogical assistance to children and adults with autism spectrum disorder in the form of consultations, primary receptions, individual and group sessions, groups for parents, volunteers, creative workshops.

Since 2014, the Open World Foundation, together with the enterprises and cafes of the city, holds culinary festivals. Since 2016, the Foundation has been training children for schooling and organizing integrative camps.



Komyshanova Ksenia Eduardovna, Russia

The manager of the department of programs of children's, family recreation and additional education, curator of inclusive programs of The State Autonomous Cultural Institution of Moscow  «Moscow Agency for Recreation and Tourism»


As part of their professional activities, carry out programs for children's recreation, carry out their adaptation to specific nosologies.

Participates in the development for children and adolescents aged 8 to 17 years. Organizes thematic training of the pedagogical staff and the leading quest excursions.



Avdeev Andrey Sergeevich, Russia

Deputy General Director of The State Autonomous Cultural Institution of Moscow  «Moscow Agency for Recreation and Tourism»


He is the winner of the Moscow Government's Culture Prize in the nomination «The Best Young Specialist in the Sphere of Culture» for organizing recreation and improving children in the Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol.

He has two higher educations, at the moment he is completing preparation for the defense of the master's thesis on  «Improving audit and control of public procurement in the sphere of recreation and tourism in Moscow».

In his spare time he is fond of traveling and classical music.



Voronin Igor Vladimirovich, Russia

Head of the Planning and Economic Department of The State Autonomous Cultural Institution of Moscow  «Moscow Agency for Recreation and Tourism»


He has fifteen years of experience in commercial structures in the field of budgeting and financial planning systems.

Has two higher educations – financial management and jurisprudence.

At the moment she is studying according to the Master's program in the direction  «Control and audit in the financial and budgetary sphere».

In his spare time he is fond of traveling and sports.



Dolzhenko Maxim Alexandrovich, Russia

Head of the Procurement Division of The State Autonomous Cultural Institution of Moscow «Moscow Agency for Recreation and Tourism»


Repeatedly awarded various prizes and awards of the Moscow Government for success in implementing the state youth policy.

Has a specialization in the management of state property. Since 2014, he is engaged in professional activities in the sphere of procurement of goods, works and services.

During his professional career, he achieved significant success in the transformation and development of mechanisms and procedures for assessing the applications of participants in the conduct of competitive procedures and procurement in the field of recreation and rehabilitation of children.

In his spare time he is fond of fishing and extreme sports.


Ivashchenko Mikhail Vladimirovich, Russia

Manager of the Control and Reporting Department of The State Autonomous Cultural Institution of Moscow «Moscow Agency for Recreation and Tourism»


Expert in the field of children's recreation and tourism.

The developer of the Order of carrying out of claim work with suppliers of services in sphere of rest and improvement of children.

Co-author of the quality control methodology in the organizations of rest and health improvement of children.

He was awarded the gratitude of the Government of Moscow for his contribution to the development of the Children's Public Movement in Moscow.



Naumova Svetlana Aleksandrovna, Russia

Leading Economist of the Economic Department of The State Autonomous Cultural Institution of Moscow  «Moscow Agency for Recreation and Tourism»


Expert with 10 years of experience in the field of recreation and health improvement of children. Certified specialist in the field of accounting and tax accounting for a travel company. She was awarded with Honorary Diplomas of the Government of Moscow.

During her professional career, she achieved significant success in organizing and holding youth forums.



Smirnova Ulyana Germanovna, Russia

PhD Candidate in Economic Sciences

Consultant of  «Chernomor» LLC


«Chernomor» LLC was founded on December 1, 2002. From the first days of its existence, children's recreation became one of the priority areas of work .

Many years of the experience in the organization of children's leisure guarantees high quality of work, safety and individual approach to customers. For a long time the company  «Chernomor» LLC cooperates with the leading tourist industry communities of the Russian Federation.

One of the main principles of the  «Chernomor» LLC is the application of innovations in children's recreation. Today, «Chernomor» LLC is managing the network of children's camps, the volume under the single brand «Terra Unique»: Children Camp Mandarin and  «i&Camp» (Peschanoye village), Children Camp Kakadu and Smart Camp (Evpatoria), In her speech Ulyana Germanovna will present the developing methodology  «Terra Unique».



Sivkova Olga Alexandrovna, Russia

Director General of Internet Agency CrosDigital


Internet Agency CrosDigital was founded in 2008 and is part of one of the leading Russian companies on the market of PR services – the Public Relations Development Company.

CrosDigital specializes on the development and implementation of comprehensive information campaigns.

Key sphere of activity of the agency: strategy, PR on the Internet, work in social networks, links with the online community, research and analytics.



Dolgikh Valery Nikolaevich, Russia

Director of the non-commercial partnership  «New Generation»


He graduated from the History Department of the Perm State Pedagogical University. As a student began to work as a counselor in the children's health camps  «Zvezdochk», «Uralskie Zori». After graduating from the University in summer, he worked as a counselor, senior counselor. Since 1999, he has began to organize children's recreation professionally as a director of a non-commercial partnership first on a leased base, then on two leased bases, and since 2003 already on his own base. The personality growth program  «I am I» received the certificate of the Committee on Youth Affairs of the Russian Federation. The main direction in the activities of the camp sees in creating the maximum space of choice, so that the child can find himself. To this end, many sites for children have been created. He considers that the success of the work of the pedagogical collective of the camp is when the child finds an occupation which he or she likes in the camp. Valery Nikolayevich is the head of the regional council of the Perm Region Children's Camps Association, a member of the regional and city coordinating councils for the organization of recreation and health improvement for children.


Loseva Natalia Gennadievna, Russia

Strategic Director of The State Autonomous Cultural Institution of Moscow  «Moscow Agency for Recreation and Tourism»


Performs teaching activities at the Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University.

She is the head of key industry events implemented by the Moscow Agency for Recreation and Tourism, including such as the  «Meeting of Moscow Counselors», the Conference «Industries of Children's Useful and Developing Recreation» (KIDPO), «The Open Olympiad of Moscow Counselors»

Under her direct leadership, the summer health campaign of the Moscow Agency for Recreation and Tourism is held – annually more than 60 000 children are resting during the company.


Shevel Mikhail Alexandrovich, Russia

The head of the pedagogical collective of the DOL  «University  «MSU» ( «Star University»)


Annually in the summer period on the basis of the Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov. Lomonosov organized a children's health camp  «University of Moscow State University». The creative name of the camp is  «Star University».

«Star University» is an original pedagogical program that has been successfully realized for more than 15 years and is constantly being developed by the participants of the pedagogical detachment of the camp.

The work of the  «Star University» is based on the disclosure of the personal potential, the creative  «I», the development and formation of culture in children, a sense of patriotism, respect for people and nature, and the upbringing of the feeling of beauty.

«Star University» stores its traditions and is open to new interesting and «smart» businesses.

Among the workers of the camp are students, post-graduate students, teachers and graduates of Moscow State University and other universities of Moscow.



Sevostyanova Tatyana Alexandrovna, Russia

PhD in Medical Sciences

The deputy of the chief freelance specialist of the phthisiatrician is the children's specialist of the phthisiatrician, the head of the children's consulting and diagnostic department of the City Consultative and Diagnostic Center of the state budgetary health care institution  «Moscow City Scientific and Practical Center for the Fight against Tuberculosis of the Department of Health of Moscow»


Member of the Interregional Public Organization «Moscow Society of Phthisiatricians» and the editorial board of the journal  «Tuberculosis and Socially Significant Diseases». She is the author of 98 publications.

It is noted by letters and thanks of the Department of Public Health of Moscow.



Kupriyanov Boris Viktorovich, Russia

PhD in Pedagogical Sciences, Professor of the Department of Theory and History of Pedagogy of the Moscow City Pedagogical University


Sphere of scientific interests of the speaker: institutional problems of additional education, instrumental problems of education.

For more than 20-year experience of scientific and pedagogical activity BV. Kupriyanov has published more than 400 works.


Zhdanov Salavat Talgatovich, Russia

Head of the camp  «Sparta»

Children's charity organization  «Clipa Siderala»


«Clipa Sideral» is a children's non-governmental, non-profit organization, a member of the National Youth Council of the Republic of Moldova.

Every year  «Clipa Siderala» organizes charity events aimed at supporting and helping children from low-income families, orphanages, boarding schools. Among the main objectives of the organization: the promotion of the culture of charity and assistance in providing effective targeted assistance to children in crisis situations.

The staff of the organization is assisted by more than 50 volunteers – teachers, doctors, social workers, students of schools and universities. The programs of the Foundation are supported by state structures, public and commercial organizations, mass media.


Vyazovkina Marina Valentinovna, Russia

Head of the Department of Programs for Children, Family and Additional Education of The State Autonomous Cultural Institution of Moscow  «Moscow Agency for Recreation and Tourism»


During her professional career, she achieved significant success in organizing long-term planning of the development of recreation programs.

She is a permanent coach of the Central School of Moscow counselors, both within the framework of the basic course, and in blocks of training of leaders and leaders in the programs of children's recreation.



Koval Svetlana Anatol’evna, Russia

Senior Researcher of the Federal Institute for the Development of Education of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation


The cope of scientific interests of the speaker: training staff and methodical support of the activities of managers, specialists and leaders on the implementation of programs for developing children's recreation.

The main direction in the developments of Koval Svetlana Anatol’evna is a psychological and pedagogical accompaniment of programs for recreation and rehabilitation of children and youth.


Maslov Andrey Anatolievich, Russia

Candidate of Psychological Sciences

President of the pedagogical detachment  «Factory of Leaders», head of the Council of Omsk regional branch of MDO  «SDO», general director of the children's health camp «Maritime Brotherhood»


Honorary member of the jury of the international competition of the master craftsmanship  «Vozhatsky heart of the planet».



Lapshin Sergey Yurievitch, Russia

Head of the Department of Organization of Work with Leaders of The State Autonomous Cultural Institution of Moscow «Moscow Agency for Recreation and Tourism»


During his professional career he achieved significant success in organizing the work with the commander's staff. He is a permanent coach of the Central School of Moscow counselors.

Among the professional achievements: successful organization of children's rest periods for leadership, journalistic and patriotic programs, including abroad – in the Republic of Belarus, Bulgaria, Latvia, Slovakia.

He took an active part in the organization of urban socially significant events, projects and programs.

Winner of the Moscow contest «Manager of the Year – 2017» in the nomination «Team of the Year». He was awarded letters of gratitude from the Government of Moscow and the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate of Moscow.


Lalaev Vladislav Georgiyevich, Russia

CEO of «DOL Zeleniy Gorod Imeni Tamary Tyshovskoy» LLC, President of the St. Petersburg NGO of leaders and organizers of children's recreation and health improvement Association «Adults and Children»


The «Zeleniy Gorod» is a multiple winner of all-Russian and constitutional contests. Camp program for 2016 was recognized as the best in Russia. Also, for the last 10 years, the camp has been providing children with a sanatorium. Children in the «Green City» are always busy with something, and parents every day watch for the image of daily photos and can feel pretty good about the rest of children. «Zeleniy Gorod» is a world where childhood is living.


Golshchuh Olga, Russia

Сurator of the program «Robin Hood», leading specialist of the «Camp Industry» LLC,


The scope of the company's activities includes the organization of children's year-round camp programs. The main emphasis in the camp  «Robin Hood» is made on active sports, adventures and on getting a new experience of interaction between the participants.

Camp «Robin Hood», being a member of ICF, meets high standards of safety and creates innovative programs for schoolchildren.

At the 11th International Congress of Camps, Olga shares with participants the experience of organizing a rope park in the camp, talks about all the stages from preparation to implementation of the project, and also about the organization of safe work in the park.


Olkhovaya Anna Andreevna, Russia

Head of Public Relations Department of The State Autonomous Cultural Institution of Moscow «Moscow Agency for Recreation and Tourism»


Anna Olkhovaya has formed the concept of information presence in the external environment. Formed a pool of media interested in the theme of children's recreation and health improvement. Developed a model of communication with different segments of audiences.


Sokolova Olga Dmitrievna, Russia

Head of the Human Resources Department of The State Autonomous Cultural Institution of Moscow  «Moscow Agency for Recreation and Tourism»


Personnel selection and evaluation specialist. She is an active participant of KIDPRO and other conferences in the sphere of organization of children's recreation and health improvement. Supervises topics of classes on labor legislation of the Russian Federation in the «Central School of Moscow leaders».