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International speakers



Arkadii Katura, Ukraine

“Social Entrepreneurship or how to make meaningful changes during camp”

Beth Allison, Canada

“Giving Constructive Feedback to Sensitive Staff Members Without Them Hating You”

Calderon Lopez, Peru

“Creating Communities of Social Inclusion through Camp”

Christine Schulz, USA

“Globalizing the Camp Curriculum”

Daniel Kasnick, Peru

“Creating Communities of Social Inclusion through Camp”

Daniel Freedman, Canada

“Current SCHI Research:  An Overview of Injury and Illness in Two Canadian Summer Camps”

Daniel Trujillo, Colombia

“Building Peace with Summer Camps”

David Graham, Canada

“Innovative camp programs: business model of the camp "Brigadoon Village”

David Strickland, Australia

“Future Proofing the next generation for an active life”

Derek Mitchell, Canada

“Understanding & Applying Risk Management to Your Summer Residential Camp Programming”

Fahrettin Gozet, Turkey

“New camper generation, new way of marketing communications.  Increasing from 1,000 campers to 3,000 in 5 years.  Next goal is 10,000 by 2021.  Can it be just luck?”

Gabrielle Raill, Canada

“Evaluating your Camp Operation using "Business Intelligence" Strategies”


Huen Chuen Kee, Hong Kong

“An effectiveness research of an innovative sports camp programme, "Jockey Club Innovative and Adventurous "Sports for Islands" Programme"

Ionna Skoura, Greece

“How to utilize your camp throughout 365 days”

Ismet Barutcugil, Turkey

“Coaching for Leadership Skills Development”

Jeff Bradshaw, Canada

“The Three R's: Camp Staff Recruitment, Recognition & Retention”

Jessica Karlsson, Australia

“Leadership in camp to create inclusive team environments”

Jonathan Taylor, China

“Camp 3.0”

Juan Mario Gutierrez, Colombia

“The 6 laws for teambuilding at Camp-A role model based authority program”

Kenya Kumagai, Japan

“International Mosaic”

Lara Ravitch, USА

“International Camp Partnership: A model for sharing happiness”

Laurie Brown, USA

“Research 360:  ACA's 5-year Impact Study”

“Measuring Outcomes 101”

Luis Rivero, USA

“The Competitive Camp”

Marianne Bird, USA

“Teen Partnerships to Strengthen Camp Programs….and Outcomes!”

Mark Collard, Australia

“Top Ten Interactive Camping Games & Activities”

“Simple Activities That Help Campers Connect”

Masako Harigaya, Japan

“Camping and Sign Language”

Michael Jacobus, USA

“Reputation Repair”

Michael Lewis, USA

“The Greenwoods Story: Making American camp work in China”

Muberra Celebi, Turkey

“Mapping of Outdoor Camps in Turkey by Sector”

Pablo Casas, Mexico

“Basic Camp Administration”


Sarah Facey, Canada

“University of Toronto & Camp Awakening Case Study:  The Integrated Camp Model for Youth with Disabilities”

Simon Sambrano, Venezuela

“What means "camping" around the world?”

Steve Baskin, USA

“Moments, Messages and Mindsets”

Tracy MacInnis, Canada

“A Customized Approach to Medical Camp Programming”

Travis Allison, Canada

“The Surprising Power of Passionate Parents”

“Wonderful Word of Mouth”

Kathy Chichester, USA


Michael Brandwein, USA


Jim Cain, USA


Tracy Schmitt, Canada