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8:00 – 24:00 – Arrival and registration of participants, accommodation, informal communication

9:00 – 16:00      * How to Lead Remarkably Fun Teams

                                  Moderator:  Mark Collard, Australia

10:00 – 17:00     *The Best Team Building Activities from Around the World

                                 Moderator:  Dr. Jim Cain, USA


*separate registration costs for these workshops.  See website.



20:00 – 22:00

Ратушная площадь

Welcome evening Joy of Friends meeting. The participants of the Congress will get acquainted with each other in creative form, will be able to see old friends and communicate with them, will be able to study in more detail the program of the Congress and will be able to choose their own individual educational path of advancement in the spaces of the Congress



9:00 – 18:00

Exhibition work:  Partnership and resources

09:00 – 10:00

Registration of participants

10.00 – 11.30

The official opening ceremony of XI International camping congress

11.30 – 13.00

Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation event

13.00 – 15.00


15.00 – 16.30

International workshops on the directions of development of international, in-Russian partnership


What means “camping” around the world?

Speaker Simon Sambrano, Venezuela


Building Peace with Summer Camps

Speaker - Daniel Trujillo, Colombia


The Greenwoods Story: Making American camp work in China

Speaker – Michael Lewis, USA/China


Be a HERO. ENGAGE Your People

Speaker - Beth Allison, Canada


Globalizing the Camp Curriculum

Speaker – Christine Schulze, USA


Promoting Healthy Eating and Physical Activity in Out-of-School Time and Summer Programs

Speaker – Kathy Chichester, USA


Camping Across China

Organizer– China Camp Education Alliance


Camp movement in Russia and the world: past, present, future

15 years in the system of children's recreation: analysis, events, people

Moderator - Galina Stanislavovna Sukhoveiko, Executive Director of Sodeistvie detskomu otdyhu Russia


International Camp Partnership: A model for sharing happiness

Moderator – Lara Ravitch, USA


Cultural differences between Russians and Americans

Moderator - Elena Istomina, director of international programs of Seacamp Association, Russia/USA



Counsellor selection, training and retention: practice and tendencies

Organizer: Mosgortur, Russia


Final of the all-Russia Correspondence Competition for the best educational infrastructure

Organizer: LLC NATA


Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation event

16.30 – 18.00

Keynote Address:  Michael Brandwein, USA

Making the World More Wonderful: How to Use Camp to Develop Young People with Great Character and Qualities

We say camps help young people make friends and develop character. This exciting session teaches specific ways to make sure we really do. Celebrate the terrific power of camp!

18.30 – 19.30


20.00 – 22.00

Evening creative program Russian Kaleidoscope



9:00 – 18:00

Exhibition work:  Partnership and resources

10.00 – 11.00


Open action of main speakers of the International camping congress

Keynote Address:  Unstoppable Tracy, Canada

11.00 – 12.30


International workshops devoted to the issues of the development of personal growth of children and their socialization


Camps as models of social inclusion

Speaker – Denisse Calderon-Lopez, Peru


The Surprising Power of Passionate Parents…

Speaker - Travis Allison, Canada


Leadership in camp to create inclusive team environments

SpeakerJessica Karlsson, Australia


A Customized Approach to Medical Camp Programming

Speaker - Tracy MacInnis, Canada


How to Teach Young People Greater Responsibility, Respect, Excellent Behavior, & Other Important Skills for Life

Moderator-Michael Brandwein, USA


The Top Ten Teambuilding Activities

Speaker - Jim Cain, USA


Camp-educational environment

Moderator - Natalya Nikolaevna Mikhailova, research supervisor of social and educational project of Association of Art Industry Market Participants, Doctor of Pedagogic Sciences, professor


Research 360:  ACA's 5-year Impact Study

Speaker – Laurie Browne, USA


Mapping of Outdoor Camps in Turkey by Sector

Speaker – Muberra Celebi, Turkey




Looking for the meaning: tendencies in developing programmes of children's and youth rest

Organizer: Mosgortur, Russia


Simple Activities That Help Campers Connect

Speaker - Mark Collard, Australia


Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation event



Technologies of success and pedagogical skills (How to make children happy)

Moderator: Andrei Anatolevich Maslov, director of children's camp Morskoe bratstvo, head of pedagogical detachment Fabrika vozhatykh, Russia

Moderator: Boris Arkadevich Deich, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor, head of the Department of theory and methodology of educational systems, Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University, Russia

Moderator: Irina Igorevna Frishman, vice-chairman of International Union «Union of Pioneer Organizations - Federation of Children's Organizations, Director of the Scientific and Practical Center of International Union of Children's Public Associations Union of Pioneer Organizations - Federation of Children's Organizations, Russia

Moderator: Nadezhda Mikhailovna Krivoshchekova, deputy head of GAU Sodeistvie detskomu otdyhu, Kurgan region, Russia


The 6 laws for teambuilding at Camp-A role model based authority program

Speaker - Juan Mario Gutierrez, Colombia


Children stereotypes in relation to the learning process: how to change them in children's camp

Moderator – Stanislav Viktorovich Kurokhtin, educator of All-Russian children`s center Orlyonok, Russia


Social development of children in camp conditions

Moderator  - Elena Gennadievna Rodionova, director of Social Technologies and Communications Agency, Russia


Teen Partnerships to Strengthen Camp Programs….and Outcomes!

Moderator – Marianne Bird, USA


How camp can inspire girls and women to come together to spark change!

Speaker – Jacqui Raill,Canada


International Mosaic

Speaker – Kenya Kumagai, Japan

14.00 – 15.30


15.30 – 17.00

Coworking space (master classes and working meetings for the exchange of experience) devoted to the development of staff, volunteering and also camp counselors community


Children’s Camp Staff

Moderator- Liudmila Viktorovna Spirina, deputy director for educational activities, personnel management and PR of All-Russian children`s center Orlyonok, candidate of pedagogical sciences, Russia

Tatiana Aleksandrovna Romm, doctor of pedagogical sciences, associate professor, head of chair of pedagogy and psychology of Institute of history, Humanitarian and Social Education, Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University, Russia

Igor Gennadevich Nikolaev, director of ANO Center for Socio-Educational Initiatives Sodeistvie. Associate Professor of chair of upbringing and additional education. Chelyabinsk Institute of retraining and advanced training of educators. Candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor, Russia



A systematic approach to training counselors on the basis of pedagogical universities

Moderator - Tatyana Nikolaevna Vladimirova, doctor of pedagogical sciences, vice-rector. Moscow Pedagogical State University, Russia


Pedagogical team as a resource for effective camp activities

Moderator – Elena Venoaminovna Lisetskaya, Associate Professor. Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University. Candidate of pedagogical sciences. Head of the pedagogical detachment DOM, Russia


Сounselors training: teambuilding, formulation of pedagogical tasks

Moderator – Veronika Valerevna Shterenfeld, camp director of Molodezhny, Russia


No Props-Easy Team Building Activities for Camp

Speaker – Mark Collard, Australia


Coaching for Leadership Skills Development

Speaker – Ismet Barutcugil, Turkey


The Three R's: Camp Staff Recruitment, Recognition & Retention

Speaker - Jeff Bradshaw, Canada


Giving Constructive Feedback to Sensitive Staff Members Without Them Hating You

Speaker - Beth Allison, Canada


Building Unity, Community & Connection at Camp

Speaker - Jim Cain, USA


Camp 3.0

Moderator – Jonathan Taylor, China


Articulating the Value of Your Camp Experience to Parents and Families

Speaker  – Tom Rosenberg, USA




Summer for all: inclusion in camp

Organizer: Mosgortu


Master class One day of life in Orlyonok

Organizer: camp Orlyonok, Russia

17.00 – 18.30

Variability of recreational and educational space of country camps

Moderator - Boris Viktorovich Kupriyanov, Professor of the department of theory and history of pedagogy. Moscow City Pedagogical University. Doctor of pedagogical sciences, Russia


Country camps and sanatoriums. Characteristics of the organization of children’s recreation and health improvement in the conditions of children's sanatoriums and camps.

Moderator - Marina Sergeevna Goriainova, general director of children's sanatorium Orlovchanka, Orel Region, Russia

Moderator - Sergey Petrovich Mankov, director of municipal public institution of additional education GOOTS Timurovets, Novosibirsk, Russia


Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation event


Creativity and intellectual activity as  instrument of upbringing in modern children's camp

Moderator - Mikhail Alexandrovich Shevel, head of children's camp of the Moscow State University Zvezdnyy University, Russia



Strength Based Leadership

Speaker - Unstoppable Tracy, Canada


Tourist and local lore movement and camps

Camping and Sign Language

Speaker - Masako Harigaya, Japan


Active tourism and children's rest

Moderator - Sergey Alexandrovich Lochan, Director of Federal Center for Children and Youth Tourism and Local History, Russia


An effectiveness research of an innovative sports camp programme Jockey Club Innovative and Adventurous Sports for Islands Programme.

SpeakerBenjamin Hune C.K., Hong Kong



Gender approach to the implementation of profile programs in the children's camp Robin Hood

Moderators - Julia Ilgizovna Nikolaeva, curator of the programs Carolina, Motor;

 Svetlana Anatolievna Kononets, head of creative programs of children's camp Robin Hood, Kaluga region, Russia


Camp for sport and healthy generation

Pedagogy of health and healthy lifestyle in the educational space of the children's health camp

Moderator - Sergey Petrovich Mankov, director of municipal public institution of additional education GOOTS Timurovets, Novosibirsk, Russia


Master class: Vermilion parks on trees. Requirements, organization, security

Moderator - Olga Viktorovna Golshukh, curator of the program of children's camp Robin Hood, Kaluga region, Russia


MAPE Meeting (Meeting Association Presidents & Executive)

Organizer – International Camping Fellowship


Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation event

18.30 – 20.00


20.00 – 22.00

Thematic evening of national delegations



9:00 – 18:00

Exhibition work:  Partnership and resources

10.00 – 11.30

Creating Communities of Social Inclusion through Camp

Principal speaker: Daniel Kasnick, Peru

11.30 – 13.00


Workshops devoted to the issues of effective camp management


Experience in the development of material and technical base of camps, the development of public-private partnerships, attracting investments in the sphere of children's recreation and health improvement

Moderator - Konstantin Malyshev, general director of company Performia, Yekaterinburg, Russia


Successful camp presentation: site, communication, sales. How and where to advertise children's camp? Offline advertising. What does the market offer besides tourist exhibitions?

Moderator - Elena Valerevna Ryzhenkova, general director of the catalog of children's camps with free travel booking service, lecturer of the Department of Applied Informatics and Economic Process Modeling. International Banking Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia


Meeting of Ambassadors of the International camping community

Organizer – Jeff Bradshaw, International Camping Fellowship


Business modeling of recreation organizations for children

Moderator - Evgeny Evgenyevich Shuliatev, founder of LLC NATA, Russia


Interaction between authorities and the professional community as a condition for the effective organization of children's recreation and their heath improvement

Moderator  - Vladislav Georgievich Lalaev, general director of the children's recreation camp Zelenyi gorod of Tamara Trushkovskaya, president of the St. Petersburg public organization of leaders and organizers of children's recreation and heath improvement - Association Adults and children, Russia



Organizer: Mosgortur, Russia


Speaker -  Michael Jacobus, USA


Panel sessions of the Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States, Compatriots Living Abroad and International Humanitarian Cooperation


What the Best Camp Directors, Supervisors, & Other Leaders of Staff Do & Say

Speaker – Michael Brandwein, USA


Campers Perceptions & Emotions

Speaker – Paco Orive, Mexico

13.00 – 15.00



15.00 – 16.30

Coworking space (master classes and working meetings for the exchange of experience) devoted to the issues of effective camp management


Camp - KONSTRUCTOR - space for modeling: unity of solutions, embodiments , multiplicity

Moderator  - Svetlana Gennadevna Petrova, head of the author's project Author’s camp Konstructor, director of the children's recreation camp Pioneer, Russia


Future Proofing the next generation for an active life

Speaker – David Strickland, Australia


The Competitive Camp

Speaker – Luis Rivero, USA


Basic Camp Administration

Speaker  – Pablo Casas, Mexico


Measuring Outcomes 101

Speaker – Laurie Browne, USA


Wonderful Word of Mouth

Speaker – Travis Allison, Canada


Evaluating your Camp Operation using Business Intelligence Strategies

Speaker – Gabrielle Raill, Canada




Economy of children's recreation

Organizer: Mosgortur, Russia


Moments, Messages and Mindsets

Speaker - Steve Baskin, USA


New camper generation, new way of marketing communications.  Increasing from 1,000 campers to 3,000 in 5 years.  Next goal is 10,000 by 2021.  Can it be just luck?

Speaker - Fahrettin Gozet, Turkey


How to utilize your camp throughout 365 days

Speaker - Ionna Skoura, Greece


Social Entrepreneurship or how to make meaningful changes during camp

Speaker - Arcadie Cotruta, Ukraine


Brigadoon Village.  An extraordinary business model to serve extraordinary kids.

Speaker – Tracy MacInnis, Canada




Master class One day of life in Orlyonok

Organizer: camp Orlyonok, Russia

18.30 – 19.30


20.00 – 23.00

The official closing ceremony of XI International camping congress. Gala dinner



8:00 – 24:00

8:00 – 24:00 – Departure of participants of the Congress, participation in post-congress excursion cultural and educational tours